UP300 [1508] Error: Print Thread Exception

Hi everyone. It’s been a VERY frustrating week with my UP300. I have not had a successful print for 5 days now, all of them turning out an error.
[1508] Error: Print Thread Exception

This has caused numerous failed prints, and any attempts at avoiding the issue have been futile.

I have used V2 of the slicer and the newer V3.1.1.
Both slicers now spit out the same error at various stages of printing, on different files, different settings. I have even tried going back to the absolute default settings, minus the raft, on both slicer versions.

I am using genuine Tiertime ABS, and at nearly AUD$100/Kg it is getting to be a VERY expensive and futile process to print some pretty basic objects.

This is certainly not the level of functionality and reliability I was expecting from an AUD$3100 printer, nor the ease of use which was used as a selling point and was the primary deciding factor in purchasing a Tiertime printer.

This is far from the first problem I have had, from blocked nozzle error to internal usb connection errors, to random unexplained freezing, nozzle temp too low, printer has stopped, nozzle temperature overrun (350 degrees+) when prints fail, improper hole sizing, impossible to adjust settings (V3 slicer does NOT use many settings modified, nor does it allow editing or using custom material profiles), but is the most persistent and costly so far.

I have also had prints fail because the Tiertime filament is so tightly would on the spool that the extruder cannot unwind it. I have had filament crossed over on the spool too, causing a print failure. This printer desperately needs filament run out detection.

I can find no information on this error anywhere.

Does anyone have any insight on how to fix this?
If I cannot solve this in a reasonable time frame I think I will be pursuing a refund and returning the printer to the point of sale.

Below are some images of failed prints caused by this issue, and an example of the error as displayed on the screen.