UP Studio Feature Requests

UP Studio feature requests.

Don’t ask for something stupid.

  • When initialising a printer, can we have either the initialise button or splash the entire screen with a loading icon? I would take preference to the initialise button being greyed out with a loading icon inside it when clicked.
    The printer state should be changed to saying ‘Initialising’ at the top too.

The reason I ask is that when I initialise my printer in a different room, I never know if it has started initialising or not because I can’t hear it. So I press the button and wait for the software to switch to the ‘Printer ready’ state.

  • A nice bonus would be being able to open more types of 3D file formats like STP and IGES files, but if this is going to be too time-consuming and end up breaking something that works well already, don’t bother.

I’m sure I will think of more things as will others, but it helps to keep the software moving. :slightly_smiling_face: