Up Studio 3 not showing speed options

I’ve been trying to learn to work with US3 but the thing is not giving me options for speed/finish. I cannot select fine, normal, fast or turbo. Even on stock Tiertime materials. What’s the issue here?

Screen grab:

Click the small gear on the left side of the screen, I think it is chosen in the side bar. Two major bugs I found.

  1. The speed profiles cannot be chosen when using the default Tiertime materials, i.e ABS, ABS+. They are greyed out. You can only select it with a custom profile.
  2. Any custom settings you save, are not saved for the normal profile. It reverts to the original settings when you restart the software or change materials. It seems to keep the settings in Fine, Fast and Turbo mode.


Thank you. I’ll have a look.

Didn’t fix anything the print still took off in what sounds like turbo mode even when set to normal as your screen shot shows.

In order to change the speed and settings for a print you select the gear in the pink box that shows up on the left when you select the item you want to print. This can be set for all layers or for selected layers.

Create your own Material profile, then you’ll have full control.

I have already done that. Still does not work.

I’m using custom profiles that I’ve used for more than 3 years. These used to work in the previous version of US3.

The problem I’m having is that I’m using Up Studio on windows, and this is not at all what that menu looks like :).

Ok, with a little help from Jason Wu over at Tiertime, I got this sorted :). There are TWO UI level configurations. One in a menu (Up Studio 3>Preferences>Advanced UI; It’s a checkbox), and then the button above (which only shows up once you’ve checked the box) to toggle between Basic, Advanced and Expert. Now to figure out why various settings are randomly locked :frowning:

I got bamboozled by the same UI restrictions and wrote a guide on them. I’ve also got a guide on setting up new materials and someone else wrote one too on configuration and materials.