Up Studio 3.2.2: Nothing worked anymore after update

my Up Studio 3.1.2 Beta asks me today if i would install Up Studio 3.2.2 … so did a big mistake and installed 3.2.2.
All my settings are gone … but thats not all … in Up Studio 3.2.2 there are no options more.

The menu to switch between Basic Settings, Advanced Settings is missing completly.
No way to change any settings … whats wrong with Up Studio 3.2.2.

Is there anywas to get my settings in version 3.1.2 back?

Where are the hole fucking menu is gone??!!??


Yep latest update wipes configurations :sob:
Luckily I had mine all backed up.

To get the advanced settings back as per previous versions, go to Tiertime > Preferences > click ‘Advanced UI’.

The latest version adds a switch between “easy mode” and “Advanced Mode”. Users can switch interface modes according to their professional level of software.

UP Studio3(Tiertime) - > Preferences - > click 'Advanced UI'.