UP Studio 3.1.1 Beta

Hi Guys,

New version update is here!

1, Auto place all the models in the build chamber. The child model is fixed to the position relative to the parent model.

2, Features for Child Models:

Added Separate Type.
The Separate/Support/Extruder2 Type Child Model can be used at the same time.
Added more predefined Child Models.

3, Added the support for the progress bar for slicing process, which can be stopped during the process.

4, Added the support of “Copy” option in the right-click menu.

5, New Features for Wand:

Added the support of displaying user name and filament in the print list.
Added the support for the Model Calibration.
Removed the support for the Auto Height Adjustment.
Added the support to heating of the build table.

6, Added the support of Project file, prj.

Project files save the models, child models, settings, model settings and child model settings to a specific folder. It does not save the TSK files.

Adding and Saving Project files are included in the top and right-click menus.

7, New features for TSK displaying

In Layer View, the corresponding layer number and the height will be displayed.
Added options on the right side for preview modes, color schemes for different options.

8, In the Preview Editor, the support in the list on the left will be highlighted when it is selected in the model display.

9, Added the support of loading the calibration model in the Tiertime menu. Loading the calibration model will remove other models in the table.

10, Added the High Flow option in Extruder setting.

11, Added restart messages, after Soda and Wand switch to different languages.

12, Highlight the incompatible settings in red with warnings.

13, Added the support for different languages, Traditional Chinese, Korean, French, Spanish, Russian and Thailand. More to come.

14, Added the Reset option in Tiertime Menu.

15, Added the support for Auto Save for Task Files:

The task file will be saved in Temp_Task folder.
Added instruction “clearfolders s Temp_Task”in Command Line
Added “Clear Task Files”in the right-click menu.

16, Various Bug Fixes.

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Thank you for the continued work on developing version 3, lots of great additions, bit also a couple.of quirks.

The current ”manual" platform leveling procedure is not very user friendly for experienced users.

When I *manually" calibrate my platform, the first thing I want to do is mechanically adjust the leveling screws. I like to go to each of the four corners, and adjust the screw until the platform is level. This is currently not possible because:
1. The platform height is not user adjustable while leveling, and is constantly changing as the nozzle moves from one position to the next.
2. The user is not able to select the portion of platform to calibrate.

I feel that “manual” leveling should really be manual. Currently it’s a semi automatic procedure where the user has very little control. This really seems like a big step backwards.

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I just use UPStudio 2 to do my manual leveling.

Ya, that’s my workaround too.

I have been using this version and wand, I like the program and there is some bugs that I faced.

  1. When I try to change layer quality for specific layers program forces to start it from 0 even I scroll it (For ex./ If I set to 2.13 - 4.32 it turns 0 - 4.32 when I click OK). Also if I use dot instead of comma it turns out 0 as well ( for both height 0 - 0).
    It works if I don’t use scrolling and write by my hand with commas.

  2. When I change the layer quality for specific high range (For ex./ normal quality is 0.25mm but I want to print 1.23 - 2.1 height range with 0.2mm) it prints that layer as wanted but slicing is not changing with quality so if I increase quality there is composing gaps.

  3. I can’t change temperature settings for default even if it is not blocked to change.

These are all I remember for now, thanks. I am using up plus2.
Edit: Also please add to go back while calibrating, sometimes I hit next accidentally and all calibration goes to waste.

Is there an actual way to use this slicer vs the 2.6?
I can’t get it to actually print becasue it says theres a material ID mismatch.


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Yes. For every material profile one creates and slices a file to, you need to add this into wand.

  1. Open wand.
  2. Select material from drop down, click edit.
  3. Click ‘Import From Tasks’
  4. Select the saved TSK file saved from UP Studio 3. All TSK files contain material profile data and have to match up with the printer every time.

Be sure to check the Tiertime support page for any further UP Studio 3 questions.

I use UP Studio 3 on a daily basis, works 100% no problems.

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The TSK file that gets spit out after you tell upstudio to print? I’ve tried that and it doesn’t change anything in the wand. I can’t figure out where you get the TSK file to begin with.

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You must save the sliced file using the save icon in the red file on the left to somewhere you can find it as a TSK file then use it for the wand settings.

I’ve tried that and it still gives me the same errors with there being a mismatch. When I import it into the wand program it just disappeares. nothing happens.

If you are using UP300 or UP mini 2 ES, please update the touchscreen firmware to 1.5.15, old firmware may have issue on materials settings when used with latest UP studio.

Hi Jimmy I’m on the Mac UP Studio 3.1.2 Beta For Mac
and I think its has few problems like (GRAYOUT) Icon BUGs that I can’t I cannot be accessed and is maintenance and I kind of need that have you found this to be the case also.

Anybody using this version of UP studio with Cetus? I am totally unable to let the program finding the printer

I have two cetus printers and the Soda version has no problem with findings these printers on my network, however if you have a heated bed installed you may find that the Wand keeps crashing or the printer keeps restarting.

You guys ever going to get soda to export geode?

Tsk files are nice and all but worthless on my marlin conversion or some folks klipper conversion on their cetus

The objective to convert the machines, is to use Softwares like Cura/Simplify3D? Why still interested to use UP Studio?

Hey @Jason-TT, when can we expect the next release of UP Studio 3?

Have you guys looked at the problem we had with prints leaning in one direction as sliced from UP Studio 3? You may remember that printing the same file in UP Studio 2 resulted in a perfectly fine print with no leaning.

I don’t know what it is but the way upstudio handles rafts supports and support roofs are way better finish than anything I can get with prusaslicer or cura

This is the case with my converted cetus and my ender 3 pro

Would you share the file again? I need to confirm if this is solved.

Yes, this what up studio good. However we do not have short term plan to make Gcode export function.