Up Plus2 Glass Plate

Hi I have been using tempered glass plate and I wanted to share it,
first of all I have 4 piece half colorless and half black(pictures that I will add includes black ones) and they didn’t charged me so I don’t know the price.
After that I am started to use glass plate is so much better than the before because I am using pla and raft wasted too much filament now I can print witouth raft which saves a lot of time and money.
For ex. print without raft but support

but using glass plate not easy as standard plate so here the TIPS if you get glass plate;
Wash it with dishwashing liquid under hot water after that don’t touch the glass and dry the plate with some towel you must do it by hand so don’t let it dry by it self. (I am generally using paper towel, it collects all water and leaves nothing behind) .
after that insert plate to the printer and don’t forget to not touching the plate
for the calibration heat the bed like 10-15 minutes (in my printer when it reaches 80 Celsius its good to go) also you can heat nozzle too if you want more accurate calibration but it is not that changes the result.
Now you can get prints on glass plate after than this part there is second issue which is taking prints off of the bed and there is an easy solution just wait till the plate is getting cold print will unstuck by itself.
This process is provides 40-50 prints and if you can keep glass clean enough it can go higher.(If you can’t number goes down.) If you need to touch plate just use tools you have so it don’t get oily.
You can ask anything you want under the topic. I hope it’s helpfull to someone.
Also the side where touches the plates shines like a mirror, it looks cool I think.

Edit: After heating it to 80 Celsius you can set it for 70C for rest of the print, but less is could cause to failed prints.