Up Plus 2 with V5 extruder head

Hi guys,

I have bought a V5 extruder head for my Up Plus 2 so that I can utilise a 0.2mm nozzle.

I have started out using the 0.4mm nozzle so that I can get some testing done to make sure the extruder is working correctly. I have been having issues though. When printing, it will stop extruding about 10mm into the build of the piece I’m running. It looks as though the filament is swollen as it gets jammed into the extruder and can’t even be manually extruded through.

Has anyone done this upgrade before? Anyone got any advice?

1、up plus 2不管你买的喷头是什么版本,都不能用0.2mm的喷嘴
2、不太明白你说的具体是什么现象,你是说,打印的时候 丝材会卡住 是吗?

It depends on the filament you are using, if it is PLA from another manufacturer, the UP PLUS 2 throat is all metal, so you have to put a sponge filter soaked in mineral oil because otherwise the filament sticks to the throat before going down to the nozzle , I use PLA from several manufacturers like this, if it is ABS, then you have to regulate the temperature to prevent the filament from melting long before it enters the throat and the extruder motor cannot push the material into the nozzle …