Up Plus 2 stops during large print

Ok Ive just acquired and Up Plus 2 and its been great except on longer or larger prints. Tried all sorts of possible solutions found on the web when it was suggested try re flashing the SD card. OK in looking for how to do this found there was feature to clear the cache… well tried this first, guess what it worked!
Clearing the cache has solved all the issues I was having so now I’m a happy bunny!

please note UP Studio v2.62 is not fully compatible with UP Plus2. The software could casue the machine to stop randomly. Use v2.5 version or get the CPU upgrade here, there is a good discount on it now:

Hi thats useful to know, it would help if this info was on the website with the software downloads. Also does this CPU upgrade come with instructions?

Look forward to your answer, thanks in advance.

Simple Swap out the old CPU with new one, connect the wifi antenna and leave it outside of the metal casing to receive signals.

This has been excellent thank you! Very happy now it works much much better.