Up Mini V1 and Up Box+ Software

I have an up mini V1 which I still use a lot and am going to buy an Up Box+

I can only run Up Studio version for my Up Mini. There is a well known issue that any later versions dont support the up mini V1 and cause it to stop printing after the first few layers.

I would like to run the latest version of Up Studio when I get my up box+ but will be unable to do this because I cant install two different versions of Up Studio on a windows machine.

Any suggestions?

I think you can stick with 2.5.12 for the moment, as there are little difference in term of print setting between 2.5.12 and 2.6.5

Also UP Studio 3.0 is coming soon, it should solve the random stopping issue once for all.

Thanks Jason… appreciate the quick response and good to hear 3.0 will solve the problem.