Up Mini 2 - unresponsive on network

After a seemingly random period of time the Up Mini 2 will become unnable to connect to UpStudio or Wand. Router shows the ESP_F8D466 still associated to the wifi and the IP address does respond to ICMP ping, albeit with a latency of around 500ms and the ongoing print continues to run without problems … but in order to connect to UpStudio the printer has to be tunred off and on again.

Problem can occur immediately after powering on, or minutes and rarely hours after power on.

Just discovered that leaving a process running constantly pinging the printer every 2 seconds the chances for it becomming unresponsive drop towards 0.

Starting ping and leave it running for 5-15 seconds most often also brings the printer out of unresponsiveness, a while after the response trime drops from several hundres to 1 millisecond.