Up Mini 2 Tolerance problem and initialize issiue

Hello, Happy to find this forum.
I have purchased UP mini 2es this month and I need some help with it.

My main printer is zotrax m200 and I design transforming figures on it. They require to be very precise.
When printing my optimized files on UP mini the ones that are tight on M200 are loose on UP mini. I even tried to print a lego part form thingsverse and it is loose when printed on up mini and does not click.

Could it be the slicer causing this?Can you offer any suggestions ? perhaps generate zcode on some universal slicers and if so can someone help me with this? I can pay for a lesson.

Here is an example of my designs, Thank you for reading this and looking forward to your answers.

Hello Marcinstar,

What material are you printing with? Since difference materials may have different shrinkage ratio which could affect tolerance. If you are printing with Tiertime materials the default setting should give good tolerance. You can define new material profile at “maintenance”=>“material”=>“customize”, then add a new material by copy existing profiles and modify the copy. There is paremeter called “tolerance” to adjust for dimensional accuracy.