UP MINI 2 - Raft separation problem (fused to part)

Used to be ok. Now cannot separate raft from the part (even very simple parts). Totally unreliable and rubbish.

Already tried:

  • change nozzle, print bed
  • changed fan speed
  • nozzle temperature, print bed temperature
  • nozzle offset
  • easy to peel
  • many many more.

Does anyone have ‘good settings’ that “just works”? Also, which version of upstudio? I heard some later versions make raft removal very difficult. Please share so I can copy your settings.

I use all official components: UP ABS filament, perfboard.

I have both Mini 2 and Mini 2 ES. I faced same problems like you. After long time I discovered the following way to avoid raft separation.

  1. Before starting the printing move the air flow gauge to the minimum (pull it towards yo); this way temperature is increased and ensure good adherence.
  2. In print preview go to pause layer and select the 10th layer.
  3. Start printing.
  4. When printing arrived at 10th layer the printer will go on pause.
    5.Open front door and push the air flow gauge to maximum and continue printing.
    I am doing like this since last 2 years and have no problem at all.

Good luck

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Hi, try this, founded on this forum:
"* Ensure Dense value is 4 or more. 3 usually works, but 4 always works; definitely don’t use 2 or 1!

Why does increasing the “dense” value make the raft easier to remove?
The Dense value controls what I call the interface layer; the material between the raft itself and the part. If this is too thin/value too low, then the part fuses with the raft."
Hope,that helps, it was ok for me.