Up mini 2 heated bed / motion issues

On my up mini 2 I had a heated bed burn out. Replaced the bed and printer initialises fine but auto calibrate shows motion error (5) and bed temps read 398c. Any attempt to print anyway shows bed too hot (10). Have tried reseating the wire a couple of times, and waggling it but nothing changes. Bed will move fine in all directions during initialisation and manual bed calibration.
Any ideas how to fix this?

Did you replace the cable to the bed?

No, didn’t look to be anything wrong with it from the outside

the cable powers the bed and also sends the signal from the bed temp. sensor. When the bed moves, the cable flexes and may have a bad connection to the sensor or the heater. The bed might not have been bad, just the cable or the cable connector. You might not be able to see a bad cable.

bed was definitely to blame, some insulation came off and it lit up like a sunspot, kept printing until I switched it off though. I might try the cable anyway, only concern is the three week wait for it, that’ll mean it’ll have taken 6 weeks to get that far.

Hope it is the cable due to the short. Unfortunately if there was a short it could be anywhere in the wiring or the mainboard. Check the connectors on the cable. I have an UpBox so I don’t know if it is the same.

New ribbon fitted, bed motion working fine.
Bed temp read 398 and error print bed too hot - recap, new print bed and ribbon. Anyone any ideas on a fix?

I’m not sure what is happening, but it could be that whatever type of sensor that Tiertime uses for the bed shorted out to the motherboard when the bed burnt out. Since the wiring diagram of the printer is unavailable I wouldn’t know what to do.

Think I’m just going to sell it for parts to be honest