Up Mini 1_print freezing after a few layers

Hi, I just bought a 2nd hand Up Mini. It’s about 5 years old but it’s in excellent condition. However, after spending 2 days making sure I read all instructions, only 1 small test print has been successful. Now, the printer just freezes after laying down a few layers. Sometimes, just after laying down the raft and sometimes after 8 or 9 layers into the build. I ran a few attempts on 1 particular model and I’m fairly certain it stops at the same point in the print each time. I have no idea what to do, so all help appreciated. I’m in my 70s and just got this for a retirement bit of fun. So, please don’t give too much technical ideas, I’m a complete novice. I installed Up Studio 2020 (update It’s running on a windows pc, windows 10 pro. Link to Up Mini is by USB cable. Looking forward to your help.


It could very well be the hotend (the heater melting the plastic) is worn out. Did you see an error in the software? It could say nozzle too hot or nozzle too cold.

Hi, thanks for responding. No, I don’t think so. It extrudes perfectly whenever I select that. And the temperature climbs evenly and quickly when print is selected. I’m thinking it must be something in the programming, because it will print away perfectly for a number of layers and then just freezes in position. I believe the key point is that it seems to stop in almost the same location in a print each time. When I stop the print and try extrusion, it works fine immediately. So, I’m pretty sure it’s nothing to do with the extruder or the filament. It has successfully printed 2 small items only.

I’m reading your post again and suddenly remember I read something about the latest Up Studio versions not being conpatible with ‘‘older’’ Tiertime printers. The version you mentioned was reported to be fine by some users but the problems were also sudden stops.

So I suggest to try an older version like this 2.5…

Snap. You’re a mind reader. I found exactly the same info myself just a couple of hours ago. I’ve just downloaded and installed the 2.5 version. Fingers crossed you are right. Thanks for coming back to me. Much appreciated.

I hope it works. Tiertime say they are working on a major version 3 update that would fix every problem so keep an eye on the forum but in the meantime stick to a version that works for you.