UP + jammed and I need help

Hi all,

New to UP printers but not 3d printing. I some how managed to get PLA jammed in the feed tube. I think I need to replace the hole tube but I can’t access it. I already tried using other filament to push the jam out from both ends without any luck.

So basically, how do I access the filament feed tube to replace it ?

If you take the side of the UP Box+ off that has the filament roll holder off, the filament out switch holder comes out. The other end of the feed tube is clamped in it. Take the switch holder apart to remove the tube.

Is there a video or guide about how to take the side off ?

I was trying to find the screws holding it in place yesterday but wasn’t successful.

Guide with pictures:https://support.tiertime.com/hc/en-us/article_attachments/900001450063/Feeding_Tube_Upgrade_Manual_.pdf

I found out how to remove the side panel when I received my UPBox+ new because the filament runout switch holder had no screws holding in the switch so it would allow the filament to pass buy without closing. I bypassed it to use the printer, but Tiertime was no help in fixing it. They sent a new switch without the screws needed to fix it. I found out that the upbox printable parts files that came with the printer had a switch housing so I printed it and found that instead of a blob of plastic that a screw was supposed to tap into to hold the switch (which could not have worked), there were 2 holes that fit 2mm machine screws. This solved the problem as I had the screws and nuts needed. I have since modified it to bypass the door switch and added a switch to turn off the HEPA filter fan when not needed.