Up Box + "Print finished" but only a quarter of the model is actually printed

I have an Upbox plus and for som reason, mid print, the model will just stop extruding.
This is now happening for every single model i am trying to print.
No error comes up, and if I have left the machine, it just pulses red indicating print job is complete.

There is not issue with the filament feeder, and when I extrude manually, it works.
I am not sure why every single model starts airprinting mid way through.
I am wasting a lot of time and filament on incomplete jobs

Hi there. This sounds similar to the issue I’ve been having. I created a post here a week or more ago and have not had any responses. I hope someone answers eventually but this forum is not exactly that active.

I even put in official support requests at Tiertime and haven’t heard anything back.

I’d say the quality support for this company is extremely lacking.

I have a $1500 printer that prints when/if it wants to, but is detrimentally unreliable at best.

Tiertime posted on LinkedIn they have a Facebook group, guess they don’t care about this forum anymore. I don’t have FB and wouldn’t like to keep scrolling for days to see if my problem was posted before or waiting for somebody to answer.

I know a forum takes time to maintain but it is very quiet around here, ridiculous!

On topic, if you keep a PC/laptop connected via USB I think you can read the exact issue with the Up Box. Also under the lid there should be a little info about what the light could mean. Maybe the heater has issues…