UP Box+ Filter Fan Noise

The UP Box+ is relatively quiet except for the Hepa filter fan, that runs all the time. Has anyone tried swapping the fan out for a quieter one? Or, is there a way to slow it down or turn it off sometimes?

There’s no way to turn it off from a software or physical switch point of view. The only way to disable it is to take the back cover off, easily trace the cable running into it and disconnecting it from the mother board.
I’ve done this myself but only to put something else in its place completely.

I would keep the air filtration system in there, especially if you’re doing ABS. Its proven to be quite effective from testing done by others.

The centrifugal fan does have a good hum sound to it. It’s possible your fan or plastic shrouding on the front is vibrating on its fixing. Take the cover off the front of it and try tighten the cap screws.

Thanks for the input jimmy. I put a couple thin rubber washers inbetween the fan and the case, which seemed to help a bit. No rumble anymore at least. I think it’s tolerable now, but will continue to look for an alternative.

I made a new fan cover with much better air flow. This greatly reduced the fan noise and enclosure rumble due to the restricted air flow of the stock fan cover.