Up 300- Dead on Arrival :(

We have been using an UPBOX+ for over 3 years and it has been super reliable and produced thousands of parts, so we decided to compliment and expand with the UP300- Tiertimes replacement for the Upbox+.
Straight out of the box, it was prone to Z axis errors and was very loud when moving in Z axis.
we contacted the supplier immediately and after doing all the possible fixes that they emailed us to try, no success.
Eventually they had the printer picked up by a technician and it was “fixed”, about a week and a half later.
However first print, same problem.
It has now been over a month since our purchase and to say we are dissapointed with this printer is an understatement.
Very long delays in communications from the supplier to try and resolve this, we wait a week for a response to questions and emails about what they are doing to fix our printer.
Basically we have now had a printer that doesn’t print for over a month and no confidence in ever having this issue resolved.
Perhaps Tiertime can apply a little pressure from above to the Australian supplier?, as I’m just becoming more and more frustrated every time I look at this printer sitting on the desk.
Its bad enough that its faulty straight out of the box…but having no clear way forward, no communication on what is being done about it, and no hope of getting this fixed anytime soon is getting beyond a joke Tiertime

S/N 551633
Support Ticket # 25430


We are looking into this ticket, we think the Z axis is moving when it is not suppose to move.
very rare issue, would share your tsk file that causing this problem? I suppose you are using UP Studio for slicing?
Also try to run an autoleveling and print again.

Latest version of Up studio, latest screen version…screenshots of the table level accuracy,etc.all this information is supplied with the ongoing ticket history.
TSk file was given to the supplier previously.

Its not the z axis moving when its not supposed to…its the z axis NOT moving when its supposed to.
from day one it has been sticking and loading up.

Luckily we have another printer right beside it, an UpBox+ , so we can print and compare things between the two.
The exact same file that the UP300 fails on, prints on the UPBOx+ perfectly.
if we didn’t have that to verify with we could spend months chasing down software issues that are not the cause.

Definitely not a software issue, as with both printers turned off side by side, the UP300 takes around 3 times the force to manually lift Z axis by hand compared to the UPbox+.

Autolevel works fine (so far), but cannot set the nozzle height or print. the axis jams and the motor loads up or skips before it can get to that stage as per the video of the issue I supplied last week.
Link to video is in the ever growing ticket history.

You may try clean old lubricant from the Z axis lead screw and then apply new lubricants. use the software to run the platform up and down for a fews time, then see if the Z axis become easier to move.

This was done by the technician the first time the printer was taken way for repair, and I have wiped it down again since, no result.
I cannot spend much more time trying “fixes” for this printer, I have work to do and so far we have spent in excess of $1000 in my time alone trying various fixes…
Perhaps we could invoice the supplier for my time spent so far and future time? as we have spent more than a reasonable amount of time as a customer assisting in rectifying an issue that is clearly a manufacturing defect and not our financial liability to rectify.

not really my business, but that is probably not the kind of service people expect when buying a $2000+ brand new 3d printer. I’m pretty confident that that statement alone will cost you more than replacing the printer (which has the added benefit of Tiertime being able to inspect the printer to find the cause and improve…)

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Some further information to hopefully further any progress in fixing this issue.

This morning I measured the difference between moving the table manually in the Z axis on both machines.
UPbox+= 4 kg - 4.5 kg of force
UP300= 15.5 kg -16 kg of force

As yet I have not had any further contact from the supplier about fixing this printer, was emailed last friday about the best time to be called about collecting this printer to get it back to the technician, I replied immediately that Friday, Monday,Tuesday…ANYTIME would be good !..but no further communication or contact after 6 days.

Our replacement printer arrived today :blush: and is already printing away, so far its all good with no signs of the issue we had with the previous printer.
Some things are a little different, maybe this is a later version or batch than our previous one?..touch screen is far more responsive, there is virtually no motor/belt noise compared to the other one and it comes from the factory with a longer spool holder that can take wider 1kg rolls than UPFila.
Straight out of the box…the table was level within 0.04mm…well done Tiertime…I hope this printer is as
robust and does as much work as our UPBox+ has done.

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