Up 300 Calibration Settings not being retained

Hi All,

I’ve been printing out a lot of projects recently and I had manually calibrated the platform/ nozzle.
I will have the calibration perfect and it will print a project without any issue - perfect print and easy to remove, however when I put in another print, with the exact same settings, suddenly the platform is too close to the nozzle and the nozzle will start denting the platform and obviously not printing due to the friction and resistance.

I will then manually adjust the nozzle height, and the adjustments that I make are not reflective physically. For instance, if I reduce the number by a mm or 2, sometimes absolutely nothing happens. At times, I will have to adjust the nozzle by about 3 or 4 mm, and only then will I see any change, but then on the next print, it will not work again.

Additionally some times after a “perfect print” I will have a motion axis error, which means I will often have to re-initialise the printer. I am not sure if these two are related or not.

I find the auto table calibration isn’t effective, and the manual one, has a lot of variation in flatness. he platform is flat but the readings will vary by quite a bit.