Unlevel print

I notice when starting a large print last night that it started out unlevel. When it was printing the first layers, it was very obvious as it didn't lay down as much filament towards the outer edge of the build plate and would click but then it moved more towards the center, it would uniformly lay down more filament. I could see the printer compensate for it by building one side up more than the other. Is this normal?

Nope. Do the full 9-point calibration.

Did the full calibration. Now my rafts are all wavy. I'm not sure how to make this print well.

If the raft is wavy, that usually means that the nozzle is too far from the bed. Try recalibrating but add a small amount (.1 to .5mm) to each of the calibration points.


I am also having problems with adhesion on parts of the plate. You say do the nine point calibration. Is this just to find the best point to calibrate it at, or does it do anything to the software to provide leveling? If it is anything beyond just measuring nine calibrate points instead of just one (#5), how do you do it?

The Cetus software will do leveling based on the the settings of the 9 calibration points.

Start by moving the nozzle to a "safe" distance with the Move-button. The current value for Nozze Height should be OK.

Then hit the Reset-button and all values in 1-9 will become 0.

By cycling through the 9 points and lowering the nozzle with the "+"-button once per cycle, you need to find the fist point where the nozzle just grabs a pice of paper.

Now adjust all other points to grab the paper using their "up"-arrow-buttons.

Repeat the process (without resetting) until you have 1 or more 0-points and the nozzle grabs evenly at all points.

Finally you must remember to subtract 0.5 mm (5 clicks on the "-"-button) before hitting Set and Confirm.