Uneven print

I have a spool of PLA that when printing, the PLA doesn’t flow through the nozzle evenly. When printing the raft, I see a line start at normal thickness then get thin then go back to thick. Some sections then would be missing completely then a little later it would start extruding again. At first I thought the nozzle was clogged and when I back the PLA out, it looks like the gear that pushes the PLA through has stripped the side of the PLA. If I stop the print and clip off the stripped section and restart the print, it starts extruding again, but very soon, the same problem return. I’ve tried increasing the temp from 210 to 220 but no difference. If I push slightly on the PLA and help it through, it reduces the problem as I get a more uniform print, but it doesn’t eliminate the change in amount of PLA that gets laid down.

I’m wondering if anyone has seen this problem and can offer suggestions.

The PLA is Solutech Printer Filament which I picked up on Amazon. I’ve not heard of anyone having problems with it so I don’t know if it is just a bad spool or a brand I need to stay away from.