Uneven Layer Issues

Hi Guys, I’ve got interesting print quality issues here on my UP Box printer.

I was wondering if anyone has seen issues from prints like this before?

My setup:

  • Upgraded UP Box(+) with new CPU from Tiertime making it suitable for use with the latest versions of UP Studio
  • Latest version UP Studio v2.6 (Windows)
  • Tiertime ABS+ run with an inline dust filter (very little friction through whole filament feed system)
  • 0.2mm layers, 20% infill, Fine print quality
  • Brand new 0.4mm brass nozzle

The machine is fully lubricated with white lithium grease on linear rods and PTFE based lubricant for the Z-axis leadscrew.

The belts don’t look worn down much, there’s no play at all in the X and Y axis, solid as a rock.
The extruder head is locked in place using the same system as the UP Box+ so the extruder head is not moving around.

Maybe your temperature is not adjusted correct. I would try first to lower the temperature until the threshold when the filament is not flowing anymore correctly then increase the temperature by 5 kelvin.

What was the print speed can also be a too high print speed.