Under extrusion simplify 3d


Wondering what settings people are using for Simplify 3d for extusion multipler and width as I cant seem to get it right. At first I was having issues with the first layer with infill not touching the perimeters slightly (see attachement) however increasing the extrusion multipler has fixed this and the first layer looks great.

Other layers, especially noticable on the top as you can see in other photo are not great however. The first layer has a 130% width in s3d, slowed down with a 0.2mm layer height. Using auto extrusion width and a 21.10 extrusion multiplier.

The rest of the layers use a manual extrusion width of 0.48mm, 0.1mm layer height and ive gone up as high as 23.75 on the multiplier but still there are gaps. The solid layers are both 8 top and bottom, infill 35% and the filament diameter is correctly set at 1.74mm.

The stl is fine, prints on other printers not a problem and its formfutura PLA.

Should I just keep on increasing the extrusion multipler or manually set the extrusion width above 0.48mm? I had the extrusion multiplier set higher for some other PLA which did the trick however lots of stringing, bumps and rasied edges near the outline which im trying to avoid.

Now you may ask why not try the cetus software, well I cant seem to get a good 1st layer whereas tweaking settings in s3d I can, plus I always need to print raftless.