Turning off support structure for overhang

I am facing difficulties to remove overhang support structures for threads 3/8 inch, quite impossible as it sticks very hard to the thread. Forcing the removal will destroy the model. I am using Cetus3D MKIII with Tiertime 1,75mm filament.
When I use the support editor and disable the overhang, save settings, Tiertime fails to print with the message “Slicing Error”.
I also tried to print the model with “no support” checked in the print dialogue, but the support structures remain for the print.
Is this an error or expected operation?
Are there other options to print directly from Fusion 360 without using the Tiertime application?

Hi Kristian

Would you mind provide the stl file? We can try it and see what is the problem.

Sure, hereby attached simple cylinder with a single threaded hole. I am not allowed to upload files so please use the following link Fitting Holder.zip

The problem occur when I print with 0,2 mm layer thickness. Changing to 0,15 dramatically improved the support and make it much easier to remove, not sure why … but want to share if anyone else encounter the same problems

Sorry the download link seems not working, but I understand your situation. Yes, sometimes just change the print parameter will solve the problem, or even just rotate the model.

Another alternative is pop the model into meshmixer. try checking for errors there and/or generate branch typ supports there and export to new file with supports in place and load into studio to print with “no supports” set

There are a lot of variants to make sure in the everything connected to it.

I have printed a few of these without support, without raft. I’ll try this and see what happens.

@kristian , when printing internal threads like these I recommend printing with a layer height of less than .20mm. A layer height of .10mm and layer width of .25mm or .30mm is optimum and will get you more layers to build the peak and valley of each thread, thereby giving some needed overlap with the layer below. I print these often, no supports, no raft and no brim on a smooth build-surface.

Hope this helps you!

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