TT3240 stepper motor driver X5

Hello everybody, i’am looking for information about stepper motor driver. My X5’motherboard is dead a TT3240 burn. Where can i buy one ? Many tanks

These are custom models, very likely not available on market.

It is not possible to find an equivalent?

Tiertime cannot supply one to one of its customers

it is a shame not to be able to repair this motherboard when it is enough to change a component …

I proceed with the necessary equipment and skills to perform the replacement.

I would recommend contact your local Tiertime reseller for assistance first.
If the machine is still in warranty, you can get free replacement.

the machine has been out of warranty for a long time. this is one of your prototypes that I bought from Th industries. I am trying to get it back into service. I have several machines of your brand. I like them :grin:

Please contact for further assistance.


Hey, I’m curious, how did this issue work out?

Were you able to get a new motherboard? If so how much?

Or did you end up repairing the board yourself?

I like the X5 and would like to know what to expect when there’s an issue.

We ended up providing the chip and the customer repair the board by himself. We recommended replacing the main-board but it is not the cheapest way to fix it.

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