TT refers to Discourse as a reason for lumping all machines types into 1 forum

This ‘site’ has to be the worst site I’ve encountered when it comes to appropriate discourse - what a mess … Attempting to navigate this site in a coherent manner is a joke - maybe consider hiring web site pros …
Another small issue - insisting on registration for ‘alpha’ / ‘beta’ products such as Catfish 1.2.6 etc - when the readme file is unilingual Chinese is simply ridiculous - get your act together before insisting on registration of anything…

The forum is a 3rd party software, and its used by a lot of other projects as well. I can’t say its my favourite but its functional enough, certainly no worse than the old forum.

Anyways, you’ll probably find the “blog” at the bottom of this post Tiertime's Next Gen Slicer - Catfish more helpfull than a chinese readme. And complaining about free, beta, software is bad form, it is literally the definition of unfinished. Constructive feeback I’m sure is welcomed in the thread linked above.

Sadly we’re slowly creeping up on 1.2.6 being a year old so at this point testing that probably holds little value to both the user and Tiertime. The registration is a pain, but at leas they’re quick about it you you submit the challenge properly.

Yeah, the forum could be better and I miss the old one… Corel made a similar change to their forums, for similar reasons, and alienated entire sections of their community, costing them a fortune of lost goodwill as all their technical participants left.

Tiertime’s forum isn’t as bad as Corel’s forum, but there’s been a clear downturn in users. Arty people tend to like these kinds of forums, while those more inclined to sciences tend to loath the lack of clear order and taxonomy.

Regardless, the support on these forums as provided by TT people is actually pretty good - :slight_smile: And Tiertime don’t censor the forums either… Two very positive factors, so the discourse here is still very useful. As long as it works for Tiertime then, I’m happy to keep using it.

I wasn’t quite sure at first but isn’t Discourse the name of the forum software as well as the posh term for a discussion?

If its certainly not in disfavour among all developers