Trying to print a vase - set top to "0" zero?

I am trying to print a vase, but can’t because the .stl file shows it with a top. The instructions say to print with top=0 (zero). Is there a way to set this in the software?


There should be a print setting for you to print vase mode no problem in UP Studio. Try the selected one below or the one next to it.


Thanks Jimmy - I assume that will not print the bottom either. So I don’t think that works. It would be perfect if you wanted the shell I guess.

You can use the other option next to that which will do the top and bottom surfaces with two perimeters instead may be, and then set it to do a pause layer when it does the first top layer maybe.

The other alternative is Catfish, which is still in beta, but you could set the number of top and bottom layers just like in Cura and Simplify3D.

Thank you - I was unaware of catfish. Have you used it with success?