Trouble toggling laser pins on MK3

Hello everyone,

Recently got the Cetus3D MK3. I am trying to figure out how to toggle the external laser pins as shown here

From what I can understand is that these two following gcode commands should toggle the pins:

Laser Off Command: M42 P15 S0
Laser Print Command: M42 P15 S1
When I upload a .gcode file containing the laser off command using UPStudio, the pin stays HIGH. (Measuring with a multimeter gives contant 5 Volts)

Is this guide outdated or am I missing something?

Thanks for reading


The functions should be still there as we did not change anything (I suppose). I will confirm with the production see any change in electronics may affect the function.

The function is still there, confirmed with the development team.

Marco Reps has made a vido about using a laser by Cetus:

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Really cool mod, well done!