Tiertime's Next Gen Slicer - UP Studio 3

Hello Community,

We are working on a brand new slicer (project name: Catfish). The project is aimed to develope a new slicer that able to complement the limitations of UP Studio.

  1. Speed: Lightning fast loading and slicing of large size STL files.
  2. Highly Granular Print Parameters: Allow user to setup print parameters at layer level.
  3. Simple Interface: Use keyboard + mouse to control build space, support command lines operation.
  4. Cross platform: Simultanously support Win, Mac and Linux.
  5. Support Gcodes export: will able to support non-Tiertime 3D Printers.

2019-10-18 update:
-added Linux version
-improved Wand function, initate print automatically when finished transfer.

Here is the download page for latest version for both Mac,Win and Linux,

Please note you need to register the software to get an activation code in order to export .tsk/Gcode.

Feel free to play with it and give feedbacks and questions!:grin:

Instuctions (Daily Update)

2020-12-16 Update
Catfish is merged into UP Studio 3 beta (project name: soda)

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Windows only sigh

Still about 40% market share, they have to go with what is most likley used…

I also would like to try it on a mac, all windows machines are out of office. we now only use macs.

Tiertime software is the only thing that forces me to keep a windows virtual machine on my linux notebook. But I will soon replace the whole electronics on my otherwise awesome Cetus MK2.

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Is this compatible with all Tiertime printers? Because as far as I know gcode has been abandoned by Tiertime. The Up Box should be able to receive gcode but last year I was told my firmware number was too low (?).

If this software can export gcode it should be compatible with gcode printers so not the Up Box, Up Mini, Up Plus 2?

Yes, it will be comptaible to Tiertime Printers, but may not support all, some older models may not able to regconize new command in the up to date software. So you may expect UP Plus 1st Gen, UP mini 1st Gen and even some early UP Plus 2 are not supported.

But the Up Box? It’s not really that old. I know I have one of the first ones but the Up Box+ has a few upgrades. It was mentioned a few times all Tiertime printers support gcode with the the phrase ‘‘Leave no UPers behind’’.

I might have an Up Box+ CPU but is there a real difference in the workings of an Up Box and an Up Box+ CPU when it comes to reading a sliced file?

There may be difference in the firmware of the CPU, so that some new commands are not able to be interpreted.

How do you use this? I can slice but cant seem to save the file? clicking save does nothing?

Ooh, interesting

Unfortunately if I try to run it our security software isn’t happy.


Any idea why this would be reported as malware?

Cheers, Owen S

Because M$ is a pile a paranoid crap…? lol

Likely that its an untested/unsigned bit of softwear and M$ sees it as a threat because of that…

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Yeah, I was hoping that was the case. If it just stated “unsigned” I’d be happy but the specific “malware” terminology alarming.

Cheers, Owen S.

Oh this is almost interesting, being able to export g-code to non Tiertime printers will allow us to print spares even when printers are out of order.

(Of course it would be far better if you just released .stl or .step files of the printed parts)

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Wow. This is FAST, I’m sure this will be a welcome upgrade when ready.

Please let us know when its ready to start generating g-code.

Maybe consider having the manual as a markdown topic here instead of a .docx file?

Also seems that some hotkeys don’t work when the focus is on the buttons, only tried V, but cannot reset view after clicking slice for instance - need to first click the viewport then use the hotkey.

When I read command line support I thought you meant the operating system command line, so this would allow is to f.ex. run a linux instance and send stl files to linux, slice it and send it to the printer remotely.

Not just a prompt inside the app like regular CAD style software. If you enable remote printing and custom supports and better support for raftless printing you’ll be starting to catch up to the competition when it comes to usability.

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Remote printing is very possible, for raftless printing, user need to be mechanically level the bed. as TT’s leveling is based on using the raft to correct for uneveness.

If you are comparing TT matrix leveling with other methods such as grid based, or mesh based leveling, I would say those methods will render the object with less accuracy, as their bottom are conform to the print surface which is assumed to be flat.

So I can load and slice an object but the save button does nothing… How do I print these slices I made???

“preview edition with limited functions”.

it also lacks the ability to choose which printer/material to slice for so I’m guessing it’ll be a while before we can try printing with this.

Its not like a flat surface and three screws to adjust is magic either. But atlas its not just a software upgrade to bring that to your printers

(I just printed two 50x70x5 pieces, with rafts. Only top sturface is somewhat flat, bottom is still warped despite the raft. The raft makes the print take almost twice as long as adds little if no value to print. Maybe this just a problem with the Up Mini 2 and ABS, idk, but seems pointless to use raft, except prints doesn’t stick without it)