Tiertime Website Temporary Down (contain software download link)

Hi All,

Our main website is being attacked by unknown DDOS source, IT is workiing on it. In the mean time please download software using following links:
UP Studio 2.6.5

UP Studio 3.0.11

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Jason, perhaps this would be a good time to work on removing the required registration for new printers. How would someone set up the printer for the first time during an outage?

The activaton step had been removed in 2020, so majority of the machines on the market now do not require activation/registration.

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This is great news as I was worried I may need to reinstall one day without internet access. Fast reply, good to see you have the software available, and it seems the printed parts for cetus are as well. Figures the same time my Y axis belt connection failed the servers go down. Good luck with bringing the servers back up. Thanks for the help!

Hello Jason

It’s impossible for me to activate a printer, do you have a solution for me

Pascal of A4 technologie

please send me (jasonwu@tiertime.net) the activation code in the manual activation option.


Is there a possibility to order spare parts from the shop in some way? We have a destroyed extruder for one of our cetus printers and need (a few) spares. The shop sometimes works, but not long enough to place an order.

Shop website is down. I need to order more parts that don’t seem to be sold anywhere else online. Any idea when it will be back up?