Tiertime store search for products

Regarding the Tiertime store search for products parts.
I have been having a serious difficult time trying to get the 2nd or 3rd pages to load.
When i click to page 2 (https://shop.tiertime.com/wp-admin/admin-ajax.php?paged=2) it retrieves a single
( 0 ) on the page. This has been going on for quite some time, so i would think Tiertime has already been aware of this issue.
I need to order some parts for my up mini2 and i can’t access the correct page. In the mean time i have an unusable machine sitting in the corner collecting Dust…

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Their store is a nightmare and they don’t seem to notice… I have been having this issue too and I have seen some reports but no change yet.

If people contact Tiertime maybe they will respond, no reaction here so they apparently don’t really care. I just tried to search on the Tiertime Global Store, still this crappy error. :rage:

@Jason-TT Could you check if the store can be fixed? I ordered some things but it was very hard, normal scrolling isn’t possible. I had to search for items I needed.

I don’t have any problems with searching for parts when I use the “Order form” tab at the top. Just select what you are looking for from the drop down menu and you can see the rest of the pages from there.

Yes, searching is possible but normal scrolling pages is STILL broken. And Tiertime won’t even answer if they can look into it. It’s in their own best interest to deliver a normal working website/store I would think.

We made some changes and the problem seems to be solved. Welcome to check and provide feedback.

OK, thanks! Page scrolling seems to work now.