This seems weird

Okay, I finally got my bed as level as I could manually and now I can get it to print without having to use a raft. I decided to print a 3D benchy to see how things look. When it started printing, the strip to prime the nozzle was laid down kind of right through the outline of the model I’m printing. Is this normal?

23 days since I posted this and zero replies from anyone at Tiertime. Is this the official support forum?

I don’t know if this is the office support forum, but it certainly is the official (new) Tiertime forum.

As for your problem, I would strongly recommend you only print raft-less for the use with non-ABS materials, pretty much exclusively PLA. You can do it with ABS, but you must make sure your bed is preheated all the way up to the max for that material setting (e.g Tiertime ABS ~90°C), and only if you’re printing parts that have a small amount of surface contact on the bed. Big ABS parts on the bed will warp too much and also the lack of matrix levelling when printing raft-less will be an issue for ABS because it’s critical for ABS prints and certainly contributes to edge warping.

I have no idea why the prime line does that at the start of the print inside the raft. Does this happen with all prints or just this one once? This is definitely not normal.
I assume you used UP Studio for this and not Catfish? At the moment it is possible for Catfish to do weird things with the raft if you play with the settings.

It’s possible that your head is crashing or stalling at the start of the print. Listen closely to see if you can hear the motors stalling when the print starts, and when you initialise the printer.
That’s the only thing I can think of that will be causing the problem. -stepper motors deregistering their position.

In my picture, that is not a raft. I was printing PLA without a raft and it was putting that prime line inside of my part. It does it consistently, and this was in Up Studio. One of the things that I have found so frustrating with this printer is how it treats the first layer differently when printing without a raft than it does the first layer when printing with a raft. I’m about to remedy all of the issues that I’ve had with this thing since day 1, though, as outlined in my other post. Thanks for the reply, though, Jimmy!