Thermal expansion

How do you conteract the effect of expansion when printing parts?  I have printed objects that should fit or hold everyday objects (votive candle, for example) only to find the final result has a too small hole for the candle to fit.  Is there a setting to help counteract it?

That shouldn't be an issue.

Check out this Maker's Muse video about tolerances. Unless you're sizing components and/or openings /really/ close, you should have no problems (as the shrinkage for most materials is negligible).

What material are you using?

Just standard PLA.

I will give the tolerence guage a try.  

Before you even try that, how tight are you setting your design tolerances? I can't imagine that the physical tolerances of a votive candle are all that well controlled...

The good thing about candles is that they are made of wax. Soft wax. Easily carved or melted, if you get my drift!

I have had slightly oversized parts and saw this video:

That is why I was asking how one could counteract it on the Cetus.