The nozzle clogs in PLA

Hello all,

I have had PLA printing problems for a few days.
I printed more than 2/300 hours without problems.

The nozzle becomes blocked during printing, when I manually extrude the thread flowing normally.
I cleaned the extruder drive wheel and replace the nozzle (0.4mm) with a new one.
I used the standard config for the PLA Tiertime and I tried to lower to 195 ° C and increase to 225 ° C the temperature.

I print without raft on bluetape

Do you have an idea?
thank you in advance

Is the nozzle too close to the bed? If it’s feeding ok fine, then that seems like the most likely cause to me.

Thank you for your reply !
The blockage generally occurs after a few layers, see ten…

I’ll try to increase distance between bed and nozzle.

Send a few pictures. Show the first layer being printed and where it fails.