The New Nozzle?


I noticed there's a new "steel neck" Cetus3D nozzle available in the store. 


Are there any details about this new nozzle anywhere (i.e. what changed, how it's better, does it handle higher temperatures, etc)?


jene 2017-3-19 16:35 edit

I purchased a value pack as ordinary order. 

the new full metal nozzles has already been included.

when I used a old nozzle, the plastic part came off the metal part.

(it happened when I remove it from extruder.)

but, the new nozzle will not come off . very good.

Sorry to dig up this old post, but I thought I'd add some thoughts as I just bought some new nozzles. I've only tried the new 0.4mm one so far, but I've noticed that some of my prints show signs of underextrusion; there seems to be thinner layers in some regions of the print:

On the left is the new nozzle and on the right is the old one, both printed with Red Inland PLA filament with the following settings:
0.2mm layer height
20% infill
"Fast" setting
no raft
no supports
everything else is default

It's not the easiest to see due to contrast, but the left print has a lot more horizontal gaps than the other one on the right, located near the center mostly. I have a lot of z-scars that I still need to take care of, but that's consistent on both so it's a separate issue.

I've also been having problems attempting to "withdraw" the filament; there are a lot of clicking sounds after the filament is withdrawn a certain amount. Perhaps the filament is blobbing up in the nozzle somewhere and getting stuck?
I also noticed that the nozzle seems to be oozing a lot more than normal, and the new nozzle is a lot hotter near the cold end than the old one (probably because of the new metal body). Not sure if all of the inter-relate.