The motors are really hot!

Hi Guys:

i just got my printer today, and i am trying some large print(>3hs), and the motors turn up really really hot.

i am worried it will burn the motors.

is that for all printers or it just my printer like that.



If you asking anyone with multiple printers and brans they will tell you its notmal. Some printers will run hotter than the Cetus. Nema17 Stepper motors are tough and more than likely wont ever burn. The stepper motor driver on the other hand, will burn first than the motors itself. That being said, If they feel it may be running too hot or too much current, they can update the voltage in the firmware... since the stepper driver is built into the board.

Thanks @BlueDinos

Yes, they run very hot.  Mine are almost too hot to touch.   I've been running this little printer for several weeks straight and they never cool down.  If they're going to fail, mine will proably fail first.   That being said, no issues so far and I've done about 75 prints so far.