The model has empty layers

I just upgraded to version 2.0.0 on my Mac running High Sierra. I'm trying to print an STL file that printed fine a couple of weeks ago but now I'm getting the following error during slicing...

ERROR: Data Transfer failure (2): The model has empty layers.

Ran into this again and seem to have found a pattern. 

  1. Load a model.

  2. Preview and it works.

  3. Change the layer height.

  4. Preview and I get the empty layers error message.

  5. Change the layer height back to the value used for the first preview.

  6. Preview and I get the empty layers error message.

It's even worse. You don't even have to change anything. Just load a model, click on Preview, wait for the result, click on Preview again and you get the error.

This issue seems to be model dependant for me.  Got it on one of 3 that I tried to print today.

guran604 2017-11-25 13:35 edit

I changed the scaling to 1.01, then the printer didn't complain. Might work with a number even closer to 1 if the dimensons of the model needs to be kept closer to the original model.

I have found a fix, for me at least. On the control dial in the software, go to more, then press fix errors. For me it made the model print perfectly.

If your model has "pointy" bottom items it either won't print or give the "empty layers" message.

Adding some small "supports" under the pointy items can solve the problem.


This model gives the "empty layers" message without the purple item.