the major problem fixing

hi, i printed some hours with the cetus printer right now. i have several ones but the cetus is the one that have the best mechanics right now. the only weak point is the extruder and the related problem. i dont want to say that is poorly engineered but i think it was less optimized. all the misalignments caused by the extruder position and the plate caused the filament to slip and click for the first layer. it cause the gear of the extruder to became a sphere filled with the pla rubbed from the filament. i think the best solution is using the alluminum plate to perform an automatic calibration. so using one of the wire from the extruder ( i dont think that all are connected but just my suspect) and add another cable from the plate (or if it is grounded use just a pulldown resistor) , it would be just an easy solution and the implementation on the software is just your “part” xD.
let me know if is it possible and sorry for my english, it was self teached.