Thanks to Jason

A big thank you to Jason for assistance with a supply issue.  My Cetus3D arrived without the 6mm extruder nozzle.  I contacted Jason and within a few days, not one but two of the 6mm nozzles arrived via DHL express.  

Exceptional service and a very rapid response.


Seconded. Nothing but good things to say about Cetus at this stage (a month in).


Add my thanks to Jason Wu for helping me get my printer back into operation. Although the greater problems are with the Firmware and Drivers, working is still working and Jason stayed back late to assist me find a workaround so I could print again at a time when things were so bad, I was about the scrap my UP300 and look for a different printer. Although he may not have realized his success, it was the information he provided me that eventually resolved the issue at the end of a long line of troubleshooting.