Thank you for this fantastic printer

Kickstarter backer #127 here... 

I received my printer two days ago and I have to say, I'm amazed! 

The print quality is incredible. 

The very first thing I printed was Adalinda: The Singing Serpent 

by loubie. (

It printed perfectly. No stringing at all. No blobs. Just perfect. 

After spending the last 3 months constantly tweaking and adjusting a cheap i3 clone where prints failed 50% of the time, it was shocking how easy this printer was to setup and use. I've printed about 25 things so far and the only failure was when I let the filament get tangled up. 

I've created a couple of posts on here pointing out tiny things that could use improvement.  I thought it only fair that I post my overall opinion.

Thank you for this fantastic printer.


Glad to know you are happy with machien and thank you for posting the pictures!

same here recieved it today and could start right away i love this little machine its truly fantastic!

there were a few glitches with the software (osx) like wifi detection restricted to 10 entries, people who live in the city usually encouter over 50 networks (either a longer list or manual ssid entry would be cool) and the print wont stop when asked to stop

be carefull when you shutdown, the printer arm drops down and the nozzle crashes into the printerplate (not sure how well the nozzle likes that) is there a proper shutdown procedure?

the build plate is fantstic pla sticks very well even without raft! what i don't get are the four screws in the center!!! of the build plate ... seriously rethink that part 

other from that, when the already cool software gets better (and luckily that is the easy part) this printer is by far my favorit in its category

thanks for making it!