Testing the X5 is this continuous?

Hi guys,

I am testing the X5

I have the user manual, Studio, Firmware 358 and screen version 1.4.7.

It seems I have trouble with Nozzle height or something like that…

If I print several time, starting each print from studio there is no problem But if I use the CPL to start a production the first print is ok, but somehow the nozzle height, the 9 points correction seem to change because first layer of the first print is very good and for the second or the third print first layer failed so print failed.

My process :
I use autolevel then i print small cubes on the edge and center of the board.
I check the first layer of the print then I use nozzle offset, print cubes again then check again.
I start the first print then fill the CPL with four or five other prints and finally I wait.

Last week X5 have completed 2 tasks on 5 requested that’s the best serie I have for now.