Temperature Failure

Hi everyone I have a proplem with the temperature. In UPStudio it always shows that the right one of the two temperature sensor is measuring 1732%. I'm not sure but I think this is the temperature from the build plate and I actually don't have a heated build plate at all. Can someone help me to solve this problem? Thanks in advance

print screen

My MK3 originally had the same issue. When I contacted support they replaced my extruder which fixed it.

Any luck? I am having similar issue with my 3 day old printer too. I am getting nozzle too hot and the print just doesnt start. I made a support ticket but I havent heard back yet. I bought it on amazon so I am thinking of just returning it...

Hello Zarniko,


Please try to reinsert the extruder cable and by the way, update the software to latest version UP Studio and try again.


Cetus3D software was merged into UP Studio and is obsoleted.

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My problem is that the building plate temperature shows a very high temperature, but I don't have a heated building plate at all. I think this issue is a different one.