System motion error


My cetus3d printer randomly stops printing multiple times with "system motion error" showing up. The prints can be resumed by pressing initialize printer and then continuing the prints. I'm running windows10 64bit and I've run the prints over wifi as well as usb (both seem to have this problem). I've also attached the idle wire close to the extruder to one of its screws. 

Has anyone had a similar problem and any suggestions for possible fixes? The printer works great otherwise. 

Are you slicing w/ Cetus Studio or something else? (S3D, Cura, whatever)

I've seen a motion system error when trying to move the axis the wrong way, for example. But based on your description, you're probably only using Cetus Studio, so that's probably not it.

With your printer off, check whether your X/Y/Z axis can move freely, maybe it's getting jammed somewhere? Do you hear any clicking when/before this happens? Are the X/Y/Z axis in any particular position when this happens? Do your 3 belts remain more or less centered when you move them from one end to the other?

Thanks for the reply cmeyer. Yes I am using cetus studio. Can I ask what you mean by moving the axis the wrong way? 

I moved the axes manually from end to end a few times. I didnt experience any jamming but the movement wasn't precisely fluid either. Anyway the test print (a hollow pillar) after that completed without any error so maybe it was an issue with lubrication. I'll keep an eye out for the error but is it fair to assume that this error is caused by the axes or extruder motors stalling or could there be any other cause? 

Thanks again.

What I meant by wrong way was if you're running gcode, you could ask the Z axis to go higher / past its upper end stop. This will trigger a motion system error. The same would be true if one of the three end stop switches was trigger/depressed accidentally (or because something's in the way) while printing.. Easy to try :)

I think jamming a stepper can trigger it, too, but I'm not absolutely sure. And I don't know if there's other possible reasons for it.