Supports can't be removed

I printed this model:

It came out fine, but it was full of support material (almost all filled) and they stick way too hard to the main model so even with big tools I can't remove them properly.

How can I make the supports less bonding/sticky to the actual model? Can I lower the density of the supports and make the top layer less sticky?

Thank you!

Oddly this happened to me to with a simple xyz calibration cube - there was a layer above the raft structure was impossible to remove them the print (I know the xyz cube doesn't generally need a raft but just felt like seeing what the Cetus3D software would do. Not entirely sure what caused this.

may be you can check the "easy peel" option.

Jason, I've tried using the "easy peel" option but it doesn't seem to make any difference.

I don't know what orientation you used to print this but from looking at the Thingiverse file it appears that if you laid it down it could be printed with no supports at all. Worth a try? 

where do I find this “easy peel” option??

When you load your model and go to the print menu, where you set the layer thickness, infill, quality, nozzle height, etc. you will notice in the upper right corner of the dialog box there are two little >> symbols. select that and it extends the print options window!

If there are more menu expand tricks, I would love for people to respond with them.