Supports and rafts

Using current software ( I sometimes get supports when ‘No Supports’ is checked - other times it’s OK. Usually it’s when i have printed several models without restarting Cetus3D so I think it might be a variable initialisation problem.

It would help if we could leave the preview window up while printeing and see exactly what was being printed, with or without supports. And maybe even a plane moving up as each layter is printed?


Also, rafts: the raft seems much too big for some small parts, it can also be VERY hard to pull off the finished piece, much harder than I expected. Supports usually come off OK, so can it be done like those are? Or have a slider for raft size and for the density of the peel layer?

Have similar problem.  Support structure is very difficult to peel off the finished piece and I've broken parts trying to remove. I've tried printing without supports but still get some.  Almost spend as much time peeling of the support than it did printing the piece.