Support Settings

Can anyone explain the support setting available in the printing software. You have the option to change Dense, Angle, Area and Space but it's not obvious to me how each setting would change the support structure  I'm currently using 3 layer, 30 degree, 3mm2 and 8 lines and the prints are coming out real well but I really don't know why

Surface: the number layers at the sealing the top and the bottom of the printed object.

Angle: This determine at which angle the Surface layers start to be printed.


Choose the number of dense layers between support and supported surfaces.


Determine the angle which support and dense layer to generated.


Determine the minimal area of surface that will be supported, area less than this

vaule will not be supported.


Determine how desne the support will be, the larger the value the less dense

of the support.

I appreciate your description here but this looks like exactly what's in the manual and for a noob like me this still isn't enough of an explanation. For example your description of dense says the number of dense layers between support and support surface. What is a "dense layer"? For space you said the larger the value the less dense the support. What exactly does that mean? Can you give some examples of what raising and lowering these values result in? Pictures or some kind of drawing would be amazingly helpful. Just one more reason I wish we could use 3rd party slicer since some actually give you previews of what settings actually do.

Yas that makes fantastic sense. Tiertime can we please get some better explanations including drawings of what the settings mean!? Thanks a lot @Frankincell

I took their pic from the manual and kinda updated it a bit...