Success with Nylon?

I am looking very seriously at buying a printer, but I want to specifically be able to print nylon components. I am also pretty interested in composite reinforced nylons, but that’s not as critical at the Cetus price point.


I have been able to find a few printers that promise this capability. But none of them have linear guides. That industry standard component is a huge plus for the cetus.


Has anyone had good experiences with nylon?



I just did some prints with Taulman's Nylon 230 and it worked well. It's a bit Baltic around here, so I use a small cube heater to bring everything up to 'room temperature'. The nylon was more finicky about temperature than any other filament I've used, and it could be stringy if I wasn't careful, but I am happy with the results.

I also tried out Formfutura's CarbonFil, and had excellent results. I haven't tried anything like CarbonX, but given my experiments with these other two, I'm fairly certain great prints could be made with nylon composites.

On Cetus Facebook there is a video with a very successful print of Polymaker CoPa nylon. Excellent layer adhesion and virtually no warp.

I also have some test material but did not get to it yet, in the mean time it is now for sale by Polymaker.

I am also interested in printing with nylon filament. If anybody has recommendations for settings I’d like to hear what works.

Also if people have had good luck with the standard PLA settings when printing other filaments, that would be good to know too.