STL placed on bed sitting a mm above bed

I seem to be having a problem where a new file placed on the bed is sitting a mm or so above the bed.  Zooming in, you can see it above the bed.  I can manually lower it (about 1 mm) but then it is red and out of bounds when I print.

I have printed a great many things with and without a raft and am just noticing this. Has it always done this?  I don't know.  

I'm talking about a bout proven flat files that are absolutely flat to the print area.  Both files I've printed on other programs/printers , imported to other programs, and new files created in Tinkercad.

Maybe I just hadn't zoomed in before?  I also uninstalled and reinstalled the Cetus3D program just in case.

Yes, unfortunately it has always been that way.  If you pan around so that you can see under the part it appears to be floating.  You can safely ignore it.


If you hit the autoplace button it will drop it down to the level it needs.  There is a small gap you can still see when this is done but as Frankincell mentioned, this can be ignored.

Thanks guys.  They need to add this into the tips/manual.  Looking at the model, it just looks like it is wrong and I have a problem with my model.  Very confusing.  I don't know how I didn't notice it the first week or 2 of printing.