.STL File Troubleshoot


I just receive my Cetus 3D Printer & I unbox it in this Video:


When I load my .STL File, the Slice processing took a long time.

Does Slice processing take longer if I select "Fine" print?

Or is this a result of a .STL File with defects?

I try to print a Human Head, but in the Mouth..., is Tongue & Teeth (i.e. Open Space); so perhaps I need to close the Mouth?

I then load a File from online & it loaded very fast.

It is printing now.

Is it better to print 1/2 a Head (Symmetrical) & then glue the two pieces together?

The Nose, Chin & Ears overhang & will need a support otherwise.

Anyways, any feedback will be appreciated.

Thank you.