Stepper motor specs?

Figured I'd ask here instead of via support email in case the information might be needed by anyone else.

I'm curious as to the model/part # of the stepper motors used on the Cetus printer. I assume the extruder and motion motors are two models just based on the fact they look different.

If a model # isn't available, the specific information I'm looking for is the current/phase of the motors. I don't want to overdrive the motors with my new controller card.


I'm surprised no one from Tiertime has read my original message. It's been nearly two weeks! I would think it shouldn't be too difficult to answer. There must be spec sheets lying around for the motors used.

Asked another way: if I provide 1A to the motors would that be too much? 1.25A? 0.75A?

Note: I'm curious about the motion motors (X, Y, Z) and not the exturder. I know what the extruder motor can handle because I am replacing that motor with one I purchased (which included a spec sheet).

Yes, here is the list of specifications for the stepper motor:

  1. Weight is 350 g (13 oz)
  2. Shaft diameter is 5 mm “D”
  3. Current 1.2 A at 4V
  4. Voltage 4 V
  5. Resistance 3.3 Ω per coil
  6. No. of phases is 4
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